Performed The Most Dangerous act in Britain’s Got Talent, that went Viral all over Television and Internet and had more than 100 million Views all over the world.

Finalist of TV Show «Britain's Got Talent»
Quarter-Finalist of TV Show «America’s Got Talent»
Winner of TV Show «Russia’s Got Talent» (Минута Славы)
Semi-Finalist of TV Show «Ukraine’s Got Talent»
Finalist of TV Show «Italia’s Got Talent»
Semi-Finalist on TV Show «Slovakia Got Talent»
Performed on TV Show «France Got Talent»
Performed on TV Show «Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento»
Performed on TV Show «Romania's Got Talent»
Performer of Sochi Olympics 2014. Opening Ceremony
Member of Sword Swallowing Association International (SSAI)
Alex is currently a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Eddie Bravo

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Alexandr Magala

Born on June 24th 1989 in a small town Orhei in Moldova.
Alex's family was poor and he wasn't close to his mother or father.
He never got any support from them no matter what he was doing.
He didn't have good grades in school, he loved to fight and defend his beliefs and interests. His classmates were telling him, that he’ll be a loser and that gave him stimulus to prove to himself, to his family and others that they are wrong.

- After he finished 9th grade he moved to capital of Moldova - Chisinau to study in college.
Alexandr started his sport life from breakdancing.
His life became more free and finally he started to follow his hobbies and interests. From that moment dance became his life’s purpose.
He quickly found soul mates with whom he started to dance and performed at almost every stage in the city.
Sound of applause and sharing his skills with people kept the "spark" in his eyes.
He wasn't getting paid for his shows, and this even wasn't his goal …

Life in USA

In 2011 Alexandr won Green Card in a lottery and moved to USA.
He left university, his family and friends, took his stuff and brave spirit and flew away.
"American Dream" led Alex to Hollywood. Barely knowing any English and without knowing anybody he risked all he had and stayed there.
- My first reward of my sword swallowing art was $4.50, which I got on Hollywood blvd.
On the path of finding himself, Alexandr tried many hobbies in sports and arts. With many mistakes he tried to find himself.
Curiosity in finding limits of his body, moved him to extreme ways.
In the art of sword swallowing Alexandr tasted a lot of his own blood. This dangerous passion hurt him a lot of times from the inside. Sometimes Alex could not eat for days !
And after all the pain and mistakes Alexandr learned sword swallowing in 100 days !
After all the success he didn't stop but continued to practice more and more, and with all that hard work he moved his sword swallowing act to a new level! By combining all his skills and putting his life on the edge Alexandr created various sword tricks and acrobatic elements.

The sword (when swallowed) is within 1cm distance from his heart!
With his new life he started to try new hobbies in sport life. One day Alex discovered pole acrobatics and it became his passion till this day. Within two years he became professional in Pole Fitness  and Chinese pole. It was like a breath of fresh air in his life.
He even invented his own the trick, the "One Arm Fonji".
As a Pole Dance Competitor Alexandr always was in top 3.
At the beginning of 2013 Alexandr became a participant of TV Show "America's Got Talent" and became a Quarter-Finalist.
During the entire show he never got any negative comments from  judges and always got "YES".
After the appearance on the show Alexandr got invited to become a member of Sword Swallowing Association International (SSAI).
He is very proud to join a few …
After all the success he didn't stop and continued to travel to Europe and Russia , appearing on TV Shows.
In his home country Moldova he appeared in all TV channels, variety newspapers  and he is very happy that his country is proud of him.
In just one year Alexandr became a Quarter-Finalist of "America's Got Talent" , Finalist of "Italia's Got Talent"  and Winner of "Russia's Got Talent". (Минута Славы).

As a Winner, Alexandr performed at Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Sochi 2014. He is the first man, who ever performed on the Pole in Olympics history.

Alexandr continues to amaze and inspire people from all around the World...